Town Hall Meetings

Notice of upcoming Town Hall Meetings is provided below.  Agendas for upcoming meetings, as well as the most recent minutes of previous meetings will be provided when available.  Members of the Bar are encouraged to attend and take their own notes.


Most Recent Town Hall Meeting Information

FileTypeSizeLast modifiedDownload
Civil Law Town Hall - Minutes - November 2015PDF109.38 KB09 Dec, 2019 Download
Surrogate Town Hall - Minutes - Calgary - June 6, 2019PDF124.29 KB09 Dec, 2019 Download
Family Town Hall - Meeting Notice & Agenda (Calgary & Edmonton) - Sept. 29, 2020PDF126.55 KB06 Oct, 2020 Download
Virtual Family Town Hall - Summary - Calgary & Edmonton - Sept. 29, 2020PDF156.24 KB06 Oct, 2020 Download