COVID-19 Traffic Court

UPDATED July 7, 2021


Traffic court, including Circuit Court locations, will reopen for trials only as of June 28, 2021

If you have a trial scheduled for Medicine Hat Court, please call 403-529-8644.

All provincial ticket, bylaw and other matters scheduled for trial between December 14 and June 25, 2021 (inclusive) will need to be rescheduled.  Please contact the court office noted on the back of your ticket to reschedule your trial date.

Court contact information for traffic closure matters.

If you have an appearance scheduled for anything other than a trial, do not attend the Court in person

Access the Traffic Ticket Service website if you need to: 

  • make a payment
  • request time to pay
  • dispute your ticket
  • or request a trial date

You may also contact the Court handling your matter by telephone, email or fax. Follow the instructions on your ticket for submitting a not guilty plea by mail.

Traffic Court Contact Information

If you fail to contact the Court handling your matter on or before your scheduled appearance date, you may be convicted in absence or a warrant may be issued for your arrest. If you are convicted in absence, you may be subject to a late penalty charge.

Fine payment may be made:

  • Online at fine payments: As part of the overall response to COVID-19, the Government of Alberta has temporarily waived the service fee for online fine payments to assist Albertans while traffic courts are closed to the public.
  • By mail to the Provincial Traffic Production Centre, 601 – 5 Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 5P7. Please make your cheque payable to the Government of Alberta.
  • Through a registry office. You must take a copy of your ticket with you. A fee is applicable.

Court contact information for traffic closure matters.

Tickets with an Upcoming Court Date

If you have a ticket with an upcoming first court appearance date, you can pay it online, at a registry office or by mail (see below under Paying Tickets and Fines). Contact the court handling your matter by telephone or email or access the Traffic Ticket Service website if you:

  • Do not dispute your ticket but need time to pay;
  • Wish to adjourn your matter, or
  • Wish to plead not guilty and set a trial date.  Not guilty pleas will also continue to be accepted by mail, as per the instructions on your ticket.

If You Missed Your Court Date 

If you recently became aware that you were convicted of a traffic or other ticket offence in your absence, resulting in an overdue fine plus late payment charge, and if you have a reasonable excuse for not paying the ticket or pleading not guilty to it by the appearance date, or not appearing for trial, you can apply to have the conviction set aside. To do so, follow the instructions provided with the Application to set aside a conviction.

If you missed a court appearance date that has resulted in a warrant issuing for your arrest, contact the court handling your matter by phone or email for further direction.

Remote Out-of-Custody Dispositions and Other Applications

Commencing July 6, 2020, Calgary Traffic Court will remotely hear, via Webex and in the absence of the Defendant, out-of-custody dispositions and/or any other applications ONLY where the Defendant is represented by Defence Counsel or a Commercial Legal Agent (a person who routinely represents others in Traffic Courts in Alberta for a fee, but is not a lawyer).  Matters will be heard before a Justice of the Peace by Webex, and will include:

  • Matters that the Crown and Defence Counsel/Commercial Legal Agent have proposed are eligible to be heard;
  • Guilty pleas, adjournment requests, requests for time to pay extensions, set-aside applications after conviction in absence, and joint submissions that do not involve a period of incarceration.

Details of the Remote Out-of-Custody Dispositions and Other Applications are set out in the Traffic Court Practice Note.

As the Court considers hearing other remote hearings for Traffic Court matters, a further practice note will be provided.

Requests for Extension of Time to Pay

If you require more time to pay your fine, you can request more time by completing the Request for Extension of Time to Pay form and emailing the form to the court office handling your matter

A Justice of the Peace/Provincial Court Judge will review your request on the day that your fine is due and you will be notified of the decision by email/mail at the contact information provided on the form.

Requests for extensions must be made in advance of the fine due date. 



Further Information

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