COVID-19 Family and Youth Criminal

UPDATED March 23, 2021

  • Subject to further notice, Youth Criminal docket matters will continue as currently scheduled. Counsel are to appear remotely or in person, and use designations of counsel where possible. Trials and sentencing are to occur as scheduled. In certain cases, the young person must appear. For Youth tickets follow the Traffic Court protocol.

  • Until further notice, all Family and Child Protection matters in Edmonton and Calgary will continue as scheduled.

  • Until further notice, Family and Child Protection in Regional Courts will continue to conduct docket matters in Family and Child Protection but all dockets are proceeding virtually. All trials will proceed unless adjourned by the parties or with leave of the court.

  • Until further notice, Calgary Regional Family and Child Protection matters may be moved to a different court location. Contact the Calgary Regional Court Clerks office for more information.

  • Child Protection Docket matters, Case Management ConferencesCase Conferences and Pretrial Conferences will be by remote appearance or in person, depending on your local area, so please check the protocol for the courthouse you will be appearing in. 

  • Initial Custody Hearings and trials will occur as scheduled with in-person attendance of witnesses, parties and counsel unless otherwise directed by the court.

  • Emergency Protection OrdersPCHADPSECAMental Health Warrants, and Secure Services applications are to occur in person unless exceptional circumstances exist.

  • In Family Law matters, docket and pretrial conferences are to occur by remote appearance by parties and counsel, or in person depending on your local area, so please check the protocol for the courthouse you are appearing in. Trials and JDRs are to occur as scheduled with local protocols governing how counsel and parties are to appear.  Matters are not being presumptively adjourned. 

For further information regarding specific court locations and their protocols, see the following links: 

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