Case Management Offices (CMO) Out-of-Custody Docket Protocol

UPDATED April 11, 2023

If you are an adult charged with a criminal offence and have a first court appearance coming up, it is important that you speak with a duty counsel lawyer before the day of your appearance. Duty counsel can assist you with brief legal advice and help guide you through the necessary next steps to deal with your charges.  

Call Legal Aid Alberta at 1-866-845-3425 up to 14 days before your court appearance to request early appearance assistance from a duty counsel lawyer. You will not be able to receive early appearance assistance if you call on the same day as your court appearance. 

Visit Legal Aid Alberta’s website for information about early appearance assistance.

Case Management Offices (CMO) Appearances

As of April 11, 2023, in-person counter services at all CMO locations will be reinstated for self-represented litigants.  Access for legal counsel to CMO services should continue by way of Remote Courtroom Scheduling (RCS), Adjournment Digital Service (ADS) and email.  It is strongly recommended that legal counsel continue to utilize remote options allowing self represented litigants, who do not have access to remote options, easier access to justice.

Self-represented litigants (people without a lawyer)  

If you are trying to contact a duty counsel lawyer up to 14 days before your first appearance – call Legal Aid Alberta at 1-866-845-3425 and press “3” to complete your application.  Once your application is complete, your contact information will be provided to duty counsel who will call you back and provide the following assistance:  

  • Preliminary legal advice; 
  • Information regarding how to apply for legal aid if needed; 
  • Information about how to obtain disclosure from the Crown Prosecution Service; 
  • Obtain a position on sentence from the relevant Crown Prosecution Service should the matter be resolved by way of a guilty plea; 
  • Appear on behalf of the self-represented litigant for the scheduled court appearance. 

For more information and how to call us on other matters, visit:  

If your court date is today…

You must attend your court appearance or contact the CMO or courthouse directly. You are not able to contact Legal Aid Alberta to receive early appearance assistance on the same day as your court appearance. There is Duty Counsel available at the courthouse if you require legal advice. 

Alberta Court of Justice Contact List for CMO Appearances