Preliminary Inquiries

Preliminary inquiries are hearings that take place before trial where the prosecution must show that there is sufficient evidence to justify proceedings to trial in the Court of Queen’s Bench.  Preliminary inquiries are only conducted in the case of serious alleged criminal offences where the prosecution is proceeding by indictment.  All preliminary inquiries take place in Provincial Court.   

The following documents relate to the conduct of preliminary inquiries and include a Notice to the Profession and the relevant forms.

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Form A - Counsel Statement Identifying Issues and WitnessesPDF12.71 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download
Form B - Request for Hearing Pursuant to Section 536.4(1) CCPDF14.49 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download
Form C - Agreement and Admissions at Hearing Held Under S. 536.4 CCPDF12.54 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download
Form D - Mutual Agreement to Limit Scope of Preliminary EnquiryPDF12.27 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download
Notice to the Profession - Preliminary Inquiries, and Amendments to the Criminal CodePDF44.02 KB17 Feb, 2021 Download