Biennial Report

The strategic vision for the Provincial Court of Alberta is to build a modern, independent, accountable Court that provides fair, accessible, efficient, and innovative justice for all Albertans. The 2017-2019 Biennial Report is the first time the Court has compiled and publicly documented our strategic plan, priorities, and progress. This Report reviews the progress made towards achieving the Court’s Strategic Plan’s six Strategic Priorities:

  • A Progressive, Independent, Accountable and Responsive Court
  • Access to Justice, Judicial Management and Judicial Services
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Judicial Education
  • Specialized Needs
  • Public Respect and Awareness

The Report provides information about the values, vision, governance and administration of the Court, its areas of practice, and the wide variety of initiatives and programs the Court has undertaken during the reporting period. 

PC Biennial Report 2017-19