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Oral Applications without Notice (Ex Parte Applications) and Consent Orders in Calgary Civil & Family Justice Chambers

Mar 6, 2020
Oral Applications without Notice (formerly known as Ex Parte Applications) and Consent Orders, which have traditionally been heard at the start of Family and Civil Justice Chambers, have become so numerous in Calgary that they are impacting negatively on the time to hear matters on the Justice Chambers lists. Thus, a remedy is needed for Calgary, has been identified, and will be enforced starting April 1, 2020, namely:

Anyone bringing an Application without Notice (Ex Parte Application) or Consent Order orally to Justice Chambers in Calgary (this does not apply to Masters’ Chambers) is to bring same to Courtroom 1004, to be dealt with by the presiding Chambers Justice between 10 am and the later of 10:30, or when the Duty Counsel is ready to address the regular SRL Chambers Family list in 1004. Those that cannot be heard in that time will be adjourned to the next sitting day in 1004, or handled under Civil Practice Note #1 (the Desk Application process), or if an emergency at a time to be set, all in the discretion of the Chambers Justice. The following exception will apply: if it deals with a matter on the list in courtrooms 1001, 1002 or 1003 for that date, speak to it at the beginning of Chambers in that courtroom.