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Notice to the Profession & Public - Enhanced Scheduling

Dec 4, 2017

In an effort to respond to unacceptable lead times in scheduling matters arising (in part) from a lack of judicial resources, please be advised that the Court is enhancing scheduling Province-wide in the following ways, effective immediately:

Expanded Bookings

The Court is expanding the number of trial and special chambers bookings (where appropriate) in an effort to ensure that scheduled Court time is fully utilized.

All efforts will be made to accommodate matters proceeding as scheduled. As such, if a matter is scheduled, Counsel must be prepared to proceed.

From time to time, a matter may need to be rescheduled because of justice, courtroom, or clerk shortages. In these instances, a Supervising Justice may, without notice, set up a scheduling hearing with Counsel/parties to determine whether a matter will need to be rescheduled.

Expedited Hearings for Emergent Matters

Where resources are available, the Court will continue to consider scheduling emergent matters (i.e. where immediate loss or harm will result if the matter is not heard in a timely manner) on an expedited basis.

Parties may apply in writing to the Associate Chief Justice (for Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Drumheller matters) and the Chief Justice (for all other matters) for an Expedited Hearing, so long as:

  1. 1. All parties consent to proceed on identified expedited date(s) as specified; and
  2. 2. All parties undertake that they are, or will be, prepared and ready to proceed on the date(s) specified.

Court Coordinators will schedule expedited hearings for parties who have received Chief Justice/Associate Chief Justice approval on a "first come, first served basis". If scheduled, Court Coordinators will send out scheduling confirmations in writing. If applicable, the requirements of Rule 8.6(3) are satisfied upon the issuing of the scheduling confirmation from the Court Coordinators. Once scheduled, costs or other sanctions may be imposed upon parties who are not prepared and ready to proceed on the date(s) specified.

Questions or concerns with respect to any of these or other scheduling practices of the Court of Queen’s Bench may be expressed in writing to the Chief Justice or Associate Chief Justice.