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Further Expansion of the King's Bench Civil Digital Service (FDS) and Court Case Management Service (CCM)

Dec 6, 2023


We are pleased to announce the expansion of both King’s Bench Filing Digital Service - Civil (FDS) and the Court Case Management Service (CCM). Effective Dec. 6, 2023, all CCM court document filing will be handled using FDS, with a wider array of documents now accepted through this service.

King’s Bench Filing Digital Service - Civil (FDS) now includes Commercial filing


Starting Dec. 6, 2023, FDS accepts all Commercial filings. This includes filings that were previously submitted via email and the CCM digital service.

All filing previously offered in CCM will now be available with a new FDS filing category of “Commercial hearings.” Materials filed in FDS for Commercial matters booked through CCM must be associated with the hearing no later than the previous Friday. Further details on how to associate materials to a hearing can be found here.

Orders continue to be available to be submitted and filed in the CCM application.

Court Case Management (CCM) now includes uncontested receivership applications


Starting Dec. 6, 2023, all uncontested receivership hearing requests must be submitted through the CCM digital service. This includes any new (subsequent) hearing requests on already existing Commercial matters in both Calgary and Edmonton.

CCM continues to be available for eligible commercial matters that commence by way of Originating application. Contested receivership and all other commercial matter types continue to be booked in the conventional way.

In order for your booking to be processed, you must submit your confirming letter to the appropriate court coordinator via email within 24 hours of your booking request.

If you need to create an account for Court Case Management, you can find instructions on how to do so here. Please note, at this time, the CCM service is only available to lawyers in Alberta.

CCM and government lawyers


Also effective December 6, 2023, Government of Alberta lawyers will be eligible to digitize existing civil specials and participate in Commercial actions as both initiating counsel and action participants in CCM. Government lawyers will have full functionality in CCM, including the ability to submit hearing requests, orders and associating materials to hearings. For instructions on how to access the service, see here.

CCM Matter eligibility for uncontested receivership applications


Matter eligibility

For a matter to be eligible for CCM, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The hearing request must be for or related to receivership
  • The application must be uncontested
  • The matter must not be confidential
  • The hearing must be heard in Calgary or Edmonton
  • The matter must not be on a bankruptcy file