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Announcement from Resolution & Court Administration Services (RCAS): Court of Queen's Bench Civil Search Portal

Apr 9, 2021

On April 12, 2021, a new online search portal will allow Albertans to submit a search request for civil actions in any Court of Queen's Bench location and receive the results by email.

From then on, search requests of these types must be submitted through the web portal:

  • civil
  • family (subject to Practice Note 10 compliance)
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • appeals
The portal is not for criminal searches:
  • continue to submit criminal search requests through email filing to the appropriate Queen's Bench court location
Do not resubmit searches:
  • already being processed, or
  • which have been submitted through the Queen's Bench filing email address
The search portal does not produce instant results:
  • processing times will depend on search volumes in each Queen's Bench court location
  • there is an initial search request fee of $10
  • the search clerk will advise the requester of the final amount owing after the search request has been completed
  • full payment is required before the results are sent to the email address listed in the request form
If there are search results:
  • a copy of the procedure record will be forwarded by email
If there are no search results:
  • a statement to that effect will be forwarded by email
  • a blank procedure record will not be forwarded