Civil Microsoft Word Forms for Lawyers

The Legal Education Society of Alberta (LESA) has created some of the following regulated forms for the convenience of lawyers who may wish to have editable versions of the court forms prescribed by the new Alberta Rules of Court. LESA has generously agreed to permit the posting of the MS Word version provided here.

For most users in most instances, the PDF versions of the forms available from the Alberta Courts website may be easier to work with than the MS Word versions. However, lawyers who wish to customize forms may find the MS Word versions more suitable for that purpose.

File Num ID Rule Type
Notice of Self-appointment of Litigation Representative Form 2 CTS3772 2.14(I)(b) Download
Affidavit of Self-appointed Litigation Representative Form 1 CTS3771 2.14 Download
Notice of Change of Representation Form 3 CTS3773 2.28 Download
Notice of Withdrawal of Lawyer of Record Form 4 CTS3774 2.29 Download
Originating Application - Notice of Appeal/Reference Form 5 CTS3775 3.2(2) Download
Notice of Request for Transfer of Action Form 6 CTS3776 3.4 Download
Originating Application Form 7 CTS3777 3.8 Download
Notice to Obtain Record of Proceedings Form 8 CTS3778 3.18 Download
Certified Record of Proceedings Form 9 CTS3779 3.19 Download
Statement of Claim Form 10 CTS3780 3.25 Download
Statement of Defence Form 11 CTS3781 3.31 Download
Reply to Defence Form 12 CTS3782 3.33 Download
Demand for Notice by Defendant(s) Form 13 CTS3783 3.34, 12.11(2) Download
Noting in Default Form 14 CTS3784 3.36(1) Download
Notice of Claim against Co-Defendant(s) Form 15 CTS3785 3.43 Download
Third Party Claim Form 16 CTS3786 3.45 Download
Third Party Statement of Defence Form 17 CTS3787 3.49 Download
Demand for Notice by Third Party Defendant(s) Form 18 CTS3788 3.50 Download
Application to Enforce Judgment Against Third Party Defendant Form 19 CTS3789 3.53 Download
Reply to Defence of Third Party Defendant Form 20 CTS3790 3.54 Download
Counterclaim Form 21 CTS3791 3.57, 12.11(3) Download
Formal Offer to Settle Form 22 CTS3792 4.24 Download
Discontinuance of Claim Form 23 CTS3793 4.36(4) Download
Discontinuance of Defence Form 24 CTS3794 4.37 Download
Expert's Report Form 25 CTS3795 5.34 Download
Affidavit of Records Form 26 CTS3796 5.6 Download
Application - Civil Form 27 CTS3797 6.3, 10.52(1) Download
Notice of Appeal of Application Judge's Judgment or Order Form 28 CTS3798 6.14 Download
Notice of Appointment for Questioning Form 29 CTS3799 5.21, 6.15 Download
Letter of Request to Judicial Authority Form 30 CTS3800 6.22(4) Download
Order that Evidence Be Taken Outside Alberta Form 31 CTS3801 6.22(4) Download
Application for Order Restricting Access Form 32 CTS3802 6.31, 6.32 Download
Notice to Admit Facts [Written Opinions] Form 33 CTS3803 6.37 Download
Originating Application for Interpleader Order Form 34 CTS3804 6.56 Download
Civil Enforcement Agency Directions to Instructing Creditor Form 35 CTS3805 6.59 Download
Application for a Streamlined Trial Form 36 CTS3806 8.26(1)(a) Download
Request to Schedule a Trial Date Form 37 CTS3807 8.4 Download
Application for Court to Set a Trial Date Form 38 CTS3808 8.7 Download
Confirmation of Trial Date Form 39 CTS3809 8.7 Download
Notice to Attend as Witness at Trial Form 40 CTS3810 8.8 Download
Application for an Order that a Judgment Has Been Satisfied Form 41 CTS3811 9.22 Download
Notice of Appointment for Review of Retainer Agreement/Lawyer's Charges Form 42 CTS3812 10.13 Download
Notice of Appeal of Review Officer's Decision Form 43 CTS3813 10.26 Download
Bill of Costs Form 44 CTS3814 10.35(1) Download
Appointment for Assessment of Costs Form 45 CTS3815 10.37 Download
Notice of Appeal of Assessment Officer's Decision Form 46 CTS3816 10.44 Download
Order to Appear Form 47 CTS3817 10.51 Download
Notice of Address for Service in Foreclosure Action Form 48 CTS3818 11.24 Download
Affidavit (Generic) Form 49 CTS3819 13.19 Download
Money Paid into Court Form 50 CTS3820 13.49 Download
Applications Judge Endorsement Form KB155 KB155 N/A Download
Without Notice Desk Application KB156 KB156 N/A Download
Special Chambers Booking Request Form KB164 KB164 N/A Download
Trial Booking Form KB186 KB186 N/A Download
Order - Streamlined Trial (Civil) KB215 KB215 N/A Download
Civil Enforcement Forms
File Num ID Rule Type
Financial Statement of Debtor (Individual Debtor) Form 13 CR11375 Download
Financial Statement of Debtor (Corporate Debtor) Form 14 CR11401 Download
Garnishee Summons Form 11 CTS3606 Download
Garnishee Summons Renewal Statement Form 12 CTS3761 Download
Writ of Enforcement N/A REG3342 N/A Download
Writ of Enforcement Addendum N/A REG3343 N/A Download
Other Word Forms
File Num ID Rule Type
Certificate of Lis Pendens - Prompt Payment and Construction Lien Act QB137 QB137 N/A Download
Certificate of Lis Pendens - Land Titles Act QB138 QB138 N/A Download
Certificate of Lis Pendens - Matrimonial Property Act QB139 QB139 N/A Download
Confirmation of Restraining Order QB140 QB140 N/A Download
Default Judgment QB141 QB141 N/A Download
Generic Affidavit of Service QB142 QB142 N/A Download
Generic Family Order QB143 QB143 N/A Download
Satisfaction of Judgment QB144 QB144 N/A Download
Subsequent Bill of Costs QB145 QB145 N/A Download
Withdrawal Certificate of Lis Pendens QB146 QB146 N/A Download
Certificate of Lis Pendens – Family Property Act QB149 QB149 N/A Download