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Announcement Regarding Pre-trial and Pre-preliminary Inquiry Conferences

May 8, 2020

Provincial Court of Alberta

Criminal Division

As a result of the necessity to further extend the Provincial Court of Alberta’s Pandemic Plan COVID – 19 and the resulting presumptive adjournment of out of custody matters, effective immediately, the Court will be taking further action to address criminal matters currently set, or to be set for Trial or for Preliminary Inquiry, between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

This protocol will apply to matters where an accused person is represented by counsel only and will not apply to self-represented litigants at this time.

Pre-trial Conferences and Pre-Preliminary Hearing Conferences will now be conducted on all matters set, or to be set for a half day or more and on any other matter upon request of Counsel or direction of the Court.

Effective:  May 6, 2020