What is an exhibit?

An exhibit is a document or material object entered as evidence, either in Court or attached to an Affidavit.

Exhibits in Court

Any documents or material entered as an exhibit in Court will be kept by the Court at least 30 days after the case has been concluded, or until any appeals are dealt with. If you want to get your exhibits back, you may request them from the Alberta Court of Justice Office where the trial occurred after the appeal period is over.

Exhibits Attached to an Affidavit

When you attach documents to an Affidavit:

1. The document must be clearly identified in the paragraph of the Affidavit. It should clearly state what the document is, the relevance, and that it is marked and attached as an exhibit.

“The Defendant agreed to replace the Plaintiff’s roof for $XX, see the contract which is marked and attached as Exhibit “A”.

“The Defendant agreed to rent the premises, 123 Elm Street, Edmonton, AB from the Plaintiff for $XX / month as set out in the rental agreement which is marked and attached as Exhibit “A”.

2. The document that you are attaching must be marked in the following format:

This is Exhibit “A*” referred to in the Affidavit of:
(name of person making the affidavit)
□  Sworn / □ Affirmed before me this
_______day of _________________, 20____
Commissioner for Oaths, Justice of the Peace, 
        or Notary Public in and for Alberta
           Print Name and Expiry Date

*Note: If there are multiple exhibits, the letters increase: A, B, C, etc.
If you are getting your document commissioned by the clerks’ office they will have a stamp for this purpose.