Notices to the Profession and Public

Judicial Dispute Resolution Pilot Project

Aug 14, 2020

The Court of Appeal is continuing its efforts to encourage early resolution of appeal matters by, in part, expanding the existing Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) program. The Court’s JDRs are governed by Rules 14.60 and 14.61, and Part D of the Consolidated Practice Directions (CPD).

As a pilot project commencing October 1, 2020, the following protocol will apply:

  • The Court will increase the number of JDR dates in each sitting month in Calgary and Edmonton with JDRs now available the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.
  • As set out in the CPD, all parties must agree to a JDR and, unless the assigned Justice agrees otherwise, be represented by counsel.
  • A list will be available on the Court of Appeal website of Justices who will do binding or non-binding JDRs and who will do JDRs with self-represented parties.
  • Counsel may request a particular Appeal Justice to do their JDR, and that will be accommodated if possible.
  • While most common in family matters, a JDR can be scheduled for any civil appeal, including commercial matters, and does not have to be limited only to the particular issues under appeal.
  • As advised in the Notice issued July 6, 2020, until further notice, all JDRs will be conducted electronically.
  • This pilot project will run over a one-year term and may be amended, extended or terminated once its effectiveness is evaluated.

For any questions about JDRs at the Court of Appeal, or to book a JDR, contact the relevant Case Management Officer:

Laurie Baptiste, Case Management Officer
Court of Appeal of Alberta, Calgary
Fax: 403-297-5294
Bobbi Jo McDevitt, Case Management Officer
Court of Appeal of Alberta, Edmonton
Fax: 780-422-4127
Catherine A. Fraser
Chief Justice of Alberta