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COVID-19 - Electronic Hearings Update - Attendance and Resource Reminders

Jul 6, 2020

This Notice

  1. replaces the procedures set out in the April 8, 2020 Notice – Electronic Hearings under the section entitled “Attendance at Electronic Hearings”; and
  2. reminds participants of the resources available for Electronic Hearings.

Replacement: Attendance at Electronic Hearings

This replaces the section in the April 8, 2020 Notice – Electronic Hearings entitled “Attendance at Electronic Hearings”.

Effective July 16, 2020, electronic hearings (video conference and audio conference) of Court of Appeal proceedings are open to counsel and self-represented litigants, media and the wider public in accordance with the process set forth in this Notice.    

Counsel and Self-Represented Litigants – The Court’s Registry will coordinate the attendance of counsel and self-represented litigants at the electronic hearing.

Media and Other Members of the General Public – No later than the day before the electronic hearing, public links will be available on the publicly-posted hearing lists on the Court’s website.

For members of the media and public, click the link, provide some basic information, acknowledge the undertaking and click “join” to observe or listen to the judges, counsel and self-represented litigants participating in the hearing in real time. Judges, counsel and self-represented litigants will not be able to see or hear those who are just viewing, or listening to, the proceeding. The Court’s Policy on the Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms continues to apply.

Parties represented by Counsel can join by this method for members of the media and general public or, alternatively, attend the electronic hearing at their lawyer’s office or listen to the audio as arranged by their lawyer. Please refer to the April 8th Notice – Electronic Hearings for details as to the latter. 

Reminder: Electronic Hearing Resources for Counsel and Self-Represented Litigants

Available resources for counsel and self-represented litigants participating in electronic hearings include:

Catherine A. Fraser
Chief Justice of Alberta