Current Judges of the Court of Appeal


  • Chief Justice Ritu Khullar
  • Justice Peter W.L. Martin
  • Justice Jack Watson
  • Justice Frans F. Slatter
  • Justice Patricia A. Rowbotham
  • Justice Thomas W. Wakeling
  • Justice Michelle G. Crighton
  • Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf
  • Justice Elizabeth A. Hughes
  • Justice Dawn Pentelechuk
  • Justice Jolaine Antonio
  • Justice Kevin P. Feehan
  • Justice L. Bernette Ho
  • Justice Anne Kirker
  • Justice William T. deWit
  • Justice Jane A. Fagnan
  • Justice April D. Grosse
  • Justice Alice Woolley
  • Justice Kevin Feth
  • Justice Tamara Friesen
  • Justice Joshua Hawkes

How are judges selected/appointed to the Court of Appeal?

Court of Appeal judges are appointed by the federal government. To be considered for appointment, an applicant or nominee must be a Canadian citizen and a lawyer in good standing who has been in practice for at least ten years. Federally appointed Advisory Committees exist in each province and territory to screen applicants. The list of those approved by the Committee is provided to the federal Minister of Justice who in turn makes recommendations to Cabinet for appointment to the Bench.

Further details with respect to appointments to the Bench and applications for appointment as a federally appointed judge are included on the website of the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada.