Minimize Civil Mediation Service - Roster Mediators

Choosing a mediator is an important step. All of the parties to a lawsuit must feel comfortable with, and have confidence in, the mediator’s style and abilities. Mediators have training in conflict resolution and come from a variety of backgrounds.
Roster Mediators are a group of mediators with extensive training and experience in interest-based mediation. Their expertise and their compliance with a Code of Conduct and Ethics ensures a very effective resolution process will be available to anyone who uses their services. The Code requires that mediators keep the mediation process confidential. Mediators must also remain impartial and unbiased and conduct mediations fairly.
To find a Roster Mediator click on the link below or contact the office of the Civil (Non-family) Mediation Service and ask for the names of Roster Mediators for the Court of Queen’s Bench. There is no charge for this service.
Every Roster Mediator must possess:
  • Extensive education and training in interest-based mediation theory and skills;
  • Extensive experience as a mediator conducting interest-based mediation;
  • Committment to participate in interest-based training every two years and to continued learning and skill development;
  • Knowledge of Court of Queen’s Bench procedures;
  • Knowledge and experience as a mediator dealing with legal counsel;
  • Committment to comply with a Code of Conduct and Ethics; and
  • Insurance coverage.
At present this Service is not accepting applications to the Roster.